TF2 – Pyro

PyroOfficial Imperial Power Rankings™:

OPERATOR Rating: star_onstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off Skill Rating: star_onstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off Frag rating: star_onstar_onstar_offstar_offstar_off Sanic Rating: star_onstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off

Detailed Results:

The Pyro (Imperialish: Peero, Fireman, or Mexican) is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2. The role of the Pyro, originally supposed to be that of an ambushing, close-quarters specialist, is a gray area. Tanga Calvin Klein His (or her) speed makes him (or her) easy prey for Scouts, and his (or her) lack of instant mobility creates an easy target for every other class not within breathing distance of the Pyro. This, combined with his (or her) ineffective weapons, make the Pyro arguably the worst-designed class in Team Fortress 2. His (or her) unlocks range from being straight upgrades, to degrading him (or her) to the role of the Engineer’s bitch. In one-on-one situations, the Pyro is king (or queen). His (or her) tools allow him (or her) to heckle and neuter the opposition, and eventually get close enough to kill them. However, these situations are rare and far in between in a team-oriented game. Some Imperials have invested many hours into researching the Pyro and shaping him (or her) into a proper killing machine. Though the success of these programs should not be understated, the bottom line is that making the Pyro “work” requires a large amount of effort and luck compared to other classes. As such, the Pyro will always be at the bottom of an OPERATOR‘s “most played” list. Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Outlet The research did, however, find that players killed by the Pyro tend to feel cheated, perhaps due to the fact that the Pyro is so close to you and that they’ve never seen a Pyro so OPERATOR. Because of this, sodium levels on the enemy team spikes quickly and leads to much anger. Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Hombre It should be noted that the Pyro is not disliked because of his tendency to obtain easy frags on Imperials, as this rarely occurs.

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