Professional Upward Player

pl_upwardA “Professional Upward Player” is an Imperialish slang saying for a player with an absolute lack of knowledge about high-level play in Team Fortress 2. The joke was first uttered in the Shitnerds Mumble server during an ETF2L match against Ducksoup Gaming in response to the apparent fact that the team had actually practiced pl_upward prior the the match, a map that is considered a strictly scrub-only map. Chaussure Adidas Ultra Boost The Shitnerds would later go on to sweep Duckshit Gaming 3-0 on cp_gravelpit, an attack/defense map that is popular among high-level Team Fortress 2 players. What began as an implicit joke at first grew into fact as a chat with Ducksoup Gaming member JMB solidified the suspicions:

  • 7:12 PM – ibuprofen: we have 0 experience with upward
  • 7:12 PM – ibuprofen: because most of us play 6v6 exclusively
  • 7:12 PM – [DSG] JMB: we actually practiced that map.. but we suck at Gpit
  • 7:12 PM – ibuprofen: hahahahaha

Before the chat, the idea that Ducksoup Gaming had actually practiced pl_upward was a humorous thought, but simply an implication. Yeezy Boost 350 Pas Cher Afterwards, it had become obvious that Ducksoup Gaming was actually more Full Retard than previously suspected by the Empire.

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