dredd_510X(” (read as Dreddface) is an Imperialish emoticon associated with fictional and non-fictional OPERATORS of extremely righteous or virtuous moral values. Adidas Ultra Boost Homme Pas Cher The emoticon is often accompanied by short, loaded statements about morality, justice or the nature of mankind. Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged France Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher The emoticon originates from the comic book character Judge Dredd, who is always seen donning an iconic red helmet bearing an “X” insignia, and an equally iconic perma-frown. Chaussures Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher Thus, the face depicted in the emoticon “X(” is a perfect representation of the character and the values for which he stands for. Adidas Yeezy Boost 330 Pas Cher Yeezy Boost 350 Pas Cher Some examples of such profound quotes that would often be associated with the Dreddface follow:

  • “It’s all the deep end.” – X(
  • “I am the law.” – X(
  • “Yeah.” – X(
  • “You are already dead.” – X(
  • “Drug bust.

We Fucked Up Everything

go_backGo back, we fucked up everything,” is a popular Imperialish expression. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Madrid The idiom is often spoken as a faux-warning to other Imperials regarding a subject they may not be familiar with. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 France The phrase is common in situations where time-travel is involved, where a time-traveler usually returns to the past to warn those who are not enlightened that, in the future, they “…have fucked up everything.” The phrase stems from an edited version of the March of Progress, with the last stage being flipped to face the others, uttering the infamous phrase. Yeezy Boost 350 Vente Slip Calvin Klein Baratos It is important to note that the phrase, when spoken, puts heavy emphasis on the final word. Adidas Ultra Boost France This is to imply that, in the future, not only are things in a state of despair, but they have indeed fucking up everything that there was to fuck up. The phrase sees frequent usage in Team Fortress 2 and Civilization. Adidas Ultra Boost Homme Pas Cher In Team Fortress 2, the phrase is usually uttered as a warning to other players of an incoming threat or a dangerous area.

Toy Story Spider

tumblr_l2ql5nLgeu1qakvjqo1_400The Spider-Cyberdemon (Imperialish: Toy Story Spider) is an enemy featured in Modern Doomfare 2. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Mujer Barata The monstrosity has been officially labeled as the “Spider-Cyberdemon” by Imperial scientists as its actual name is not known as of yet. OPERATORS have taken to calling it the “Toy Story Spider” due to its uncanny resemblance to a character in the original Toy Story, which was a toy with the body of a spider attached to the head of a Babby. Similarly, the Spider-Cyberdemon possesses the lower body of the Spider Mastermind from Doom mixed with the upper body of the Cyberdemon, also from Doom. Calvin Klein Bañadores Hombre The Spider-Cyberdemon poses a great threat to OPERATORS, and is one of the most formidable enemies in the game. Calvin Klein Tanga The Spider-Cyberdemon is only one of several spider-demon monstrosities that exist in Modern Doomfare 2, as there exist other such terrors such as the Spider-Baron of Hell.

That Went Well

thatwentwellWell, that, uh…. Yeezy Boost 750 Acheter that went well.” is a popular Imperialish idiom. It is used ironically in situations which end unfavourably for the Imperial(s) involved. The line stems from the 2008 film Iron Man, in which Obadiah Stane (played by Jeff Bridges) utters the line to Tony Stark following a disastrous press meeting. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Pas Cher The line also appears in episode 11 of the ill-fated TV show Firefly, which opens with Malcolm Reynolds alone and naked in an empty desert and stating “That… that went well.” The phrase is somewhat similar to the Imperial “None of That\It Never Ends” sets of proverbs, though it differs significantly in its delivery. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “That went well” is often reserved for discussions following a major catastrophic event, and is spoken in reflection.

TF2 – Spy

SpyOfficial Imperial Power Rankings™:

OPERATOR Rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_off Skill Rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_off Frag rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_offstar_off Sanic Rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_offstar_off

Detailed Results:

The Spy (Imperialish: Sneakyman, Frog, French Piece of Shit, Darkman, or Spion) is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2. Adidas Yeezy 750 Femme Designed to be an OPERATOR class from the ground-up, the Spy possesses the most NATO weapons in Team Fortress 2, with the Not-Dying Machine in particular being the best single tool for antics. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Despite the fact that many Good Company Imperials are masters of the class, most of them have since hung up their knives in favour of more skillful classes which actually have a future in Team Fortress 2. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 France The problem lies in the fact that the Spy manipulates the mistakes and ignorance of his opponents in order to score frags. Understandably, against better players, the Spy’s role becomes increasingly harder and harder. Upon facing a half-decent player at best, the Spy’s frags will almost entirely consist of either facestabs or headshots. Certain Spy players cannot cope with this fact, and continue to pour hours and hours into a mechanically dead-end class in hopes of being “the best”. Yeezy Boost 350 Pas Cher The brain-dead following of the Spy can be likened to similar morons that worship the Pyro, with a similar caliber of unlockable weapons. The Spy is also notable for being the only class besides the Sniper with the ability to snip dicks, giving him at least some semblance of worth against decent players. In fact, most Imperial spies often end up with more headshots than backstabs, as it is a more reliable tactic than putting yourself in direct danger for an opportunity to get a kill.

TF2 – Sniper


T Shirt Versace

a href=”Sniper.png”>SniperOfficial Imperial Power Rankings™:

OPERATOR Rating: Skill Rating: Frag rating: Sanic Rating:

Detailed Results:

The Sniper (Imperialish: Dick Snipper, Snipper, or Australian) is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2. Boxer Calvin Klein Possessing one of the most clutch and OPERATOR weapons in the game, the Sniper is one of the two classes in the game with a weapon that can snip dicks, the other being the Spy. Tangas Calvin Klein Para Mujer This makes him particularly NATO, and a common choice for the aspiring Imperial marksman. Mode Despite having a near infinite skill ceiling, certain Snipers can also be incredibly irritating by performing a fully-charged bodyshot on targets that they do not have enough skill to defeat.

TF2 – Engineer

EngineerOfficial Imperial Power Rankings™:

OPERATOR Rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_offstar_off Skill Rating: star_onstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off Frag rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_offstar_off Sanic Rating: star_offstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off

Detailed Results:

The Engineer (Imperialish: Engiqueer, Engayneer, or Engayqueer) is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2. Widely believed to be the biggest snoozefest of the nine classes, playing the Engineer class consists of building and maintaining a Sentry Gun that shoots bullets and rockets with perfect accuracy, removing the entirety of the aiming, moving and, well, playing portion of Team Fortress 2. The Engineer can also build teleporters and dispensers, both of which are usually built only to benefit the Engineer himself instead of his team. The Sentry Guns, including everything from a fully upgraded Level 3 Sentry Gun to a Mini-Sentry, built by the Engineer are, at best, annoying. Comprar Bikini Calvin Klein They will score one or two surprise kills at best and then proceed to be anally devastated by the onslaught of enraged victims. Chaussure Adidas Ultra Boost However, because of the nature of public servers in Team Fortress 2, Sentry Guns often shut down a public match and bring the game to a screeching halt. Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Hombre Like its Russian counterpart, the Heavy, Engineers are rarely seen in competitive play due to their sheer shittiness as a viable class in a skilled environment. Engineers may be able to get away with one or two frags on a damaged Scout, but will rarely turn the tide like any other class could. Boxer Calvin Klein Al Mayor Despite these overwhelming flaws and inability to be OPERATOR, Good Company has managed to extract real, legitimate fun out of the antics which employ the Engineer. Adidas Yeezy Pas Cher Femme Due to his large arsenal of unique and imaginative weapons (i.e the Rescue Ranger, the Widowmaker, the Wrangler, the Short Circuit, and the Eureka Effect to name a few) among a few duds (the use of the Gunslinger, for instance, is banned in the Empire due to promoting thoughtless and unsportsmanlike play), a squad of OPERATOR Engineers working together have the capacity to summon a shitstorm of truly biblical proportions. Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos The Engineer can be a very fun and engaging class that rewards smart play, tactical awareness, good positioning, and aim when put in the right OPERATOR hands.

TF2 – Heavy

HeavyOfficial Imperial Power Rankings™:

OPERATOR Rating: star_offstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off Skill Rating: star_offstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off Frag rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_off Sanic Rating: star_offstar_offstar_offstar_offstar_off

Detailed Results:

The Heavy (Imperialish: Hoovy, Fat Fuck, or Fat Piece of Shit) is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2. Acheter Adidas Ultra Boost The Heavy is notable for being regarded as the absolute worst class in the game among the Team Fortress 2 community, having the lowest skill ceiling of any class in the game. Guía de compras Yeezy Boost 750 Acheter Whereas similar frag-oriented classes like Soldier and Scout require an acute game-sense as well as excellent DM skills, the Heavy requires neither of these. Yeezy Boost 350 Pas Cher In fact, a player with terrible game-sense will actually do better with the class, due to the overextending and poor commitment decisions that will result in a martyr frag on a skilled opponent. Adidas Yeezy Pas Cher Homme The Heavy is often played by poor players who want to gain as many frags as possible against opponents in a public game.

TF2 – Demoman

DemomanOfficial Imperial Power Rankings™:

OPERATOR Rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_off Skill Rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_on Frag rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_on Sanic Rating: star_onstar_onstar_onstar_offstar_off

Detailed Results:

The Demoman (Imperialish: Demo, Demonigger, Ra’s al-Ghul, رأس الغول, Jack Sparrow,‎ or Arab) is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2. Boxer Calvin Klein Outlet An expert in explosives (and apparently medieval weaponry as of late), the Demoman is absolutely the most powerful class in the game. Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein His Stickybomb Launcher alone is able to put out more damage than two Soldiers combined. The Demoman can also use his stickybombs to stickyjump, launching him extremely far and attaining many sanics (sanic) in exchange for a large health investment, though these temporary sanics are few and far in between. Comprar Ropa Interior Calvin Klein The Demoman’s unlocks primarily focus around melee weapons and shields, being able to turn the damage powerhouse into a pathetic melee-only doppelgänger.

Tertiary Duty

tertiaryTertiary duty is a responsibility (or lack thereof) assigned to a particularly troublesome soldier. Often, a team member that is performing extremely poorly will be given a tertiary duty that is nigh-impossible to muck up (though this is no guarantee). Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos An example of a tertiary duty in Team Fortress 2 would be to stand next to an Engineer’s sentry nest as a Pyro and hold down the fire button while spinning in circles; an extremely rudimentary tactic that is semi-effective at warding off spies from a particular area. The origin of the term is Nuclear Dawn. Of the three types of resources in Nuclear Dawn, tertiary resources are the most plentiful and quick to cap, but also provide the most measly of resource points to the team. An Imperial who is on tertiary duty has the responsibility of scouring the map looking for these small points and capturing all of them for the Empire, as their impact is only noticeable if all tertiary points are controlled at the same time. Calvin Klein Bañadores Hombre This objective is more difficult than it seems. Tertiary points are often in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere and on opposite sides of the map, so a large amount of running is involved. Bragas Calvin Klein Baratas In addition, actually holding these points is even more difficult as one may be capturing a tertiary point when a Jabroni decides to casually stroll onto a tertiary on the other side of the map and begins to capture it. Furthermore, there often exists a final tertiary immediately next to the Führerbunker of both teams. Capturing this ‘Führerteriary’ is the final objective of the Imperial on tertiary duty, and is the most difficult of all tertiary points to capture, let alone actually hold for a significant amount of time. Tertiary duty is often assigned to an Imperial when they are not performing their best in combat and are unable to OPERATE successfully.