None of That/It Never Ends

tb_640x480None of that,” and “It never ends,” are the short-form way to refer to two very common proverbs in Imperialish which are frequently used by Imperials in order to express displeasure towards a subject. Calvin Klein Boxer Hombre The comments are favoured by Imperials due to the fact that, as they begin, they seem to imply pleasure; however, as the sentence continues, it clearly shifts to a negative opinion. Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein The responses follow an extremely strict routine:

  1. Exposure of Imperial(s) to displeasing stimuli
  2. The Imperial declaration of, “I’d like to place an order of zero copies” (sometimes shortened to “I’ll take zero copies”).
  3. The Imperial continues, “I’ll have none of that,” in response to the stimuli.
  4. A different Imperial, if present, will respond “It never ends, this shit.” This is the only appropriate response to the “None of that” string.

The “None of that” proverb is thought to be of completely Imperial origin, being fabricated by Imperials sometime in late 2011. “It never ends” is a quote lifted from a popular video by the satirical news website, The Onion.

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