Night Vision FPS Booster

mods_tnm-01Night Vision FPS Booster is a reference to an Imperial tactic in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The game’s multiplayer aspect was designed to run at a consistent 60 fps even during hectic gunfights, and while it did accomplish that on more powerful computers, most machines at the time had trouble running the game smoothly on even the lowest settings. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Madrid Furthermore, the console versions of the game had some chugging issues as well. Comprar Bikini Calvin Klein Every soldier in the game came equipped with a set of night-vision goggles that were usable even in multiplayer. While these goggles were next to useless (like they were in Counter-Strike 1.6) in the actual game, activating them had the unintended side-effect of simplifying the lighting on the map, raising FPS and making the game’s framerate more consistent. Because of this, the night-vision goggles became known as the “Night Vision FPS Boosters” or “FPS Booster Goggles” among OPERATORS. Hilariously, wearing the goggles had the unfortunate side-effect of turning the OPERATOR into a vampire, unable to venture out into sunlight lest he be completely blinded and killed.

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