McDonald Mosey

tumblr_nm3nzfmoxa1qd4q8ao1_500The McDonald Mosey is a tactic in Overwatch. Two OPERATORS are required: one playing McCree, and one playing Lucio. A relatively simple antic, its level of effectiveness is as high as its level of hilarity.

McCree’s ultimate ability, Dead-Eye, allows McCree to line up several instant-kill shots on enemies within his line of sight. However, this comes at the cost of announcing your attack to the entire server, as well as McCree’s movement speed becoming slower than a snail in molasses. In addition, the attack can be blocked by Reinhardt’s shield, and McCree can still be easily killed.

Enter Lucio. Lucio’s passive speed boost ability, along with his modifier ability, Amp it Up, allows McCree to activate his Dead-Eye and mosey up to fleeing enemies, catching them in ridiculous angles that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. McCree can even power walk around Reinhardt’s shield catching everyone behind it off-guard with a faceful of lead.

As an even more hilarious addendum, Lucio can use his ultimate ability, the Sound Barrier, to give McCree a massive boost to his health pool, making his speed-boosted Dead-Eye jig indefensible.

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