Chancellor Valorum

ValorumPortrait-SWEFinis Valorum (commonly called by his title Chancellor Valorum or just Valorum) is the current Supreme Chancellor of the Empire. The position of Supreme Chancellor operates directly underneath the Emperator himself, and is in charge of managing the deliberations of the Imperial Senate; however, Valorum is most notable for being one of the most bumbling and ineffective political leaders in the history of the Empire. Despite this, Imperial voters unanimously vote him back into power every single election just to see what kind of accidental antics the maladroit fool gets himself into next.

“Why do we care about Valorum again?” – Imperial Journalist

The most notable example of Chancellor Valorum’s complete and utter ineptitude is his handling of a simple dispute over taxes that snowballed into a major war between members of the senate. Valorum began by sending out a party of two to investigate the dispute. The investigators were ambushed by the Trade Federation leaders, but were able to escape and vowed to “warn the Naboo, and contact Chancellor Valorum.” When the Supreme Chancellor and the delegates of the Senate were informed of a tragedy that had occurred that started “right here with the taxation of the trade routes,” Valorum instead asked if the Senator would “defer [his] motion to allow a commission to investigate the validity of [his] accusations,” despite the fact that he had the testimony of the two investigators that he himself trusted and sent to settle the whole dispute in the first place.

Valorum’s clumsy mishandling of a simple dispute would eventually “[engulf] our entire planet in the oppression of the Trade Federation,” a hilarious outcome that cemented Valorum’s position as the Supreme Chancellor in the eyes of the Empire. Imperial voters could not have asked for a bigger, more antic-producing representative for the position of Supreme Chancellor.

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