Everyone Go D

sentryEveryone go D!” is a military tactic employed by Good Company which involves the entire OPERATOR team committing every single resource to defence. Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein The tactic has its roots in Quake III: Arena, where OPERATORS would, during CTF matches, capture a flag to score a single point, and then proceed to order “Everyone go D!” and turtle up in the flag room until the match ends. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Madrid The tactic can be employed in similar games like Team Fortress 2, provided the gamemode allows the Imperial team to completely devote themselves to defence after gaining a marginal lead. The tactic is an inherent strategy in Counter-Strike, where the Terrorist team will entirely devote themselves to defending a bomb after it has been planted, regardless of whether the resulting explosion will eliminate them.


don'tdoitDON’T DO IT NIGGA” is an Imperial philosophical discipline employed by Good Company OPERATORS. Boxer Calvin Klein Mujer The focus of the school of thought is inaction on the part of the OPERATOR, allowing the problem to resolve itself. Bikinis Calvin Klein Baratos In the case of an adversary, the discipline emphasizes idleness, allowing one’s opponent to defeat themselves through their own mistakes. Bikini Calvin Klein The strategy is comparable to “Everyone Go D” at first glance, but the latter tactic employs active defense, which clashes with the basic principles of “DON’T DO IT NIGGA”. This tactic is most often linked with fighting games.

Burning Circus

315726_origThe Burning Circus (sometimes called the Circus of Doom in Imperialish) is a common Imperial antic in Civilization. In the games, once a city is captured by opposing forces, the conquering commander has the option of either keeping the city or burning the motherfucker down, among other choices. Should a city be chosen to be disintegrated by Imperial forces, the city still retains the option of producing a unit or building. However, this is a useless feature, as not only will the city will be burnt to a crisp before it can generate the object in question, but it is often in a state of revolt when captured, which means that nothing gets produced regardless. Guía de compras Furthermore, a player cannot end his turn without choosing a production project for every city. Due to this useless necessity, Imperial commanders always choose to construct a circus in the burning city whenever available. The term ‘burning circus’ provides a very graphic and comedic mental image that causes much joy within Imperials. Should the circus be unavailable to construct, the Imperial may also build other impractical projects, such as a library, in the burning city.


tf2-gunsSimCity is an Imperialish term to refer to an overly defensive team. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Hombre A team is said to be ‘playing SimCity’ if they’ve built more than three Level 3 Sentry Guns on the last capture point of a map. Bragas de Calvin Klein Sentry Guns are without a doubt the best defensive tool in the game, and two Sentry Guns covering each other can be difficult to push through. Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Three Level 3 Sentry Guns with proper crossfire is extremely difficult to destroy, but it can be done consistently. Tangas Calvin Klein Para Mujer However, four or more Level 3 Sentry Guns with proper placement is absolutely impossible to push through without proper team support (which is almost never available). Thus, a SimCity defense can be considered an unbreakable defense provided you have the co-ordination to build and maintain the nests.

The Combo

Castle BravoThe Combo is a Good Company tactic in Team Fortress 2. Developed in secret by Imperial scientists, the Combo is a strategy reserved for only the most dire emergencies where victory must be achieved at any cost. Bragas Calvin Klein As such, it exists as an ‘ace in the hole’ of sorts that does not see widespread use among Good Company. The Combo consists of a Medic equipped with the Kritzkreig and a Soldier equipped with the Beggar’s Bazooka and the Battalion’s Backup. After the Soldier has done at least 600 damage, the Backup can be deployed to reduce sentry damage and knockback by 50%, reduce damage by 35% from all other damage sources, and negate critical hits entirely for the Soldier and any nearby teammates. On top of that, it boosts the regular max health of the Soldier to 220, and overhealed to 330. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein The Beggar’s Bazooka can fire up to three rockets in rapid succession, and fires every subsequent rocket slightly faster at the cost of accuracy. Boxer Calvin Klein The Kritzkreig, of course, guarantees critical hits for 8 seconds after activation at the cost of no defensive bonus. When these factors are combined and activated simultaneously , the Combo is in full effect. The initial triple-rocket spread can put out 810 damage in less than a second within a splash radius. This means that, if all three rockets strike the center of a group of enemies, 810 damage is the minimum damage the Combo can inflict, and that’s just in the first seconds of being active. Subsequent rockets can clean up any survivors and eradicate the enemy team in a matter of seconds. The traditional weakness of a Kritzkreig combo is that they are susceptible to all incoming damage, especially the Medic; however, with the Battalion’s Backup active, both the Medic and the Soldier (plus nearby teammates) gain considerable damage resistance that nearly guarantees that, at the very least, the initial deadly three-rocket blast will be deployed regardless of how the enemy team reacts. Quite often, the Combo will clear out an entire enemy team in seconds; not many strategies can consistently exterminate a full 12 person team. 440_screenshots_2014-06-24_00001 However, the Combo is not without weakness. It is really only effective in extreme chokepoints (such as the entirety of Dustbowl, Hoodoo, Gold Rush, and some areas of Badwater), which means its efficacy in more open maps is dubious. Furthermore, the Combo does take quite a while to completely prepare and thus is susceptible to being eliminated before it can be deployed. The Combo was developed sometime after the July 10, 2013 patch for Team Fortress 2 that significantly rebalanced the game. The Battalion’s Backup was buffed to provide additional sentry protection (+15%), and to build meter from doing damage instead of receiving it.

Need Bonkers?

Philipp Plein Pas Cher Homme

Need Bonkers?” is a phrase from the real-time strategy game Company of Heroes, spoken at random by Wehrmacht Pioneers when ordered to build bunker fortifications. Calzoncillos Slip Calvin Klein Bunkers (Imperialish: Bonkers) are essential for a defensive Wehrmacht player, providing medics and helping lock down large sections of the map against infantry attacks when an MG42 machine gun team is placed inside. Slip Calvin Klein This forces the Allies to invest in mortars or artillery, resort to a costly concentrated attack, or simply go somewhere else. Considering the low cost of Bonkers (150 Manpower) and their excellent defensive capabilities, the answer to the question “Need Bonkers?” should usually be “Ja!”, unless one plans on spending all of his resources on German Engineering. Tanga Calvin Klein Medical bonkers are known to have the mysterious effect of bringing slain Wehrmacht soldiers back to life as elite, well-trained Grenadiers.

Final Form

fullyloadedThe final form (sometimes called fully loaded) is an Imperialish term used in Counter-Strike to refer to an OPERATOR that is fully loaded with their best weapons in every slot. Normally, this includes an OPERATOR‘s best primary weapon, favourite sidearm, a full stack of grenades, full armour, a defuse kit (if available), and sometimes a Zeus x27 for good measure. Predictably, the bill for this loadout tends to run very high; as such, it takes several round wins in a row in order for an OPERATOR to achieve their final form.

An OPERATOR that has achieved their final form is one of the scariest opponents anyone can face. At this point, even flanking the OPERATOR isn’t a reliable option anymore, as they have access to a powerful sidearm. Fully loaded OPERATORS can clear bomb sites effortlessly with pop flashbangs, HE grenades, firebombs, and can deny areas with smoke coverage and powerful rifles. Indeed, there is no better soldier to have handy in a high-pressure clutch situation than a final form OPERATOR.

Though originally a Counter-Strike-exclusive antic, the final form also makes an appearance in several other titles, such as Modern Doomfare 2 and Killing Floor. Its usage in these titles is nearly identical to its usage in Counter-Strike.

Chinese Assembly Line

n_11shenyangThe Chinese Assembly Line is an Imperial tactic in Team Fortress 2. When employed, the Imperial team can construct a fully upgraded Level 3 Sentry Gun in less than ten seconds, a construction project that would take at least one entire minute to complete.

The tactic involves a minimum of two Engineers. One Engineer builds a Sentry Gun, and the other Engineers whack the building with their wrenches to speed up the construction and upgrade it to its max level while the initial Engineer works on securing other important buildings such as the teleporter and dispenser. When completed, the supporting engineers commit suicide and switch to their respective classes, sometimes taking the Engineer’s teleporter back to the frontlines just before the round starts.

The Chinese Assembly Line allows OPERATORS to create infrastructure very quickly. Many of the advanced Sentry Gun placements used by Imperial Engineers are difficult, if not impossible to complete before the end of the setup phase, let alone being able to build important secondary buildings and completing a teleporter network.

The tactic is named after the work ethic in the People’s Republic of China. When the Chinese government wants a project completed quickly, they quite literally throw human lives at it until it’s completed, a resource which they have absolutely no shortage of.

Tactical Incompetence

mikeTactical incompetence refers to a phenomenon observed in many multiplayer games, where an opponent displays temporary ineptitude, only to strike when the OPERATOR lets their guard down. Although the name of the phenomenon and its description may lead one to believe that it is a conscious, intelligent strategy, tactical incompetence is almost always performed on accident by unskilled players.

Tactical incompetence is rampant in games where prediction of the opponent is an integral factor in battles, including shooters, fighting games, and Dota 2. For instance, in the case of a fighting game, an Imperial may assume that an opponent will perform the smartest action they can in a given scenario and attempt to counter that move in advance, only to find that the opponent either botched the attempt and ended up with another move, or performed a completely nonsensical, risky, and unpredictable move that resulted in defeat for the OPERATOR.

The term has its origin in Team Fortress 2, particularly with the Not-Dying Machine, which requires the enemy to perform, at the very least, 1 single point of damage to the Imperial in order to activate it. Commonly, opponents will completely miss numerous shots in a row and fail to inflict even a fraction of damage on the Imperial sneakyman while the Not-Dying Machine is active. However, as soon as the OPERATOR assumes that they are safe and deactivates the Not-Dying Machine in order to counter-attack, the opponent displays unprecedented levels of skill and kills the OPERATOR in one shot against all odds.

It should be noted that being unpredictable is a also a skill in any of the games where tactical incompetence can be displayed. For example, being aggressively unpredictable but having knowledge of the game and the execution to perform advanced combos simultaneously is a phenomenon known as the “daywalker” in the fighting game community. Being able to successfully throw your opponent’s aim and execution off is also an important skill in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2. However, one should never have to sacrifice other aspects of their skill set, such as their aim (as in the Not-Dying Machine example) or their execution (as in the fighting game example) to throw the opponent off, as a dead opponent is always more beneficial than a “temporarily juked” opponent.

Steiner Scenario

ganz-hitler_528_posterA Steiner scenario refers to a situation where a large majority of the Imperial commander’s units fail to follow the explicit orders of the commander, either through ignorance or even insubordination. The Steiner scenario usually occurs in the public servers of games where the commander has no direct control over his subordinates, such as Nuclear Dawn. The scenario has been studied by Imperial scientists, historians and military strategists for years, and every single simulation of a Steiner scenario has led to total failure of the affected team. Insubordination is strictly prohibited within the Empire, and willfully ignoring orders is an act of heresy against the Emperator.