Ham and Cheese

d2wa2Ham and Cheese is a tactic in Overwatch. The tactic involves two players: one that dives the enemy team and attracts attention (Ham), and another that provides shields and sets up team wipes (Cheese). The essential ingredient of Ham and Cheese is Zarya. Zarya’s projected barrier ability is applied after a slight delay to harvest up the maximum amount of energy, and also grants the diver a free escape. In turn, this amps up Zarya’s killing potential considerably and accelerates her Graviton Surge (Imperalish: OGON) build rate. The second ingredient of the tactic is any hero that excels at diving enemies, and has access to a complementary ultimate to Zarya’s. In most cases, this role is filled by Genji. Genji’s unparalleled flanking ability pairs well with Zarya’s projected barrier, and most of his escape options do not rely on any cooldowns. Calvin Klein Underwear This allows the pair to reset for another play every eight seconds. Boxer Calvin Klein In addition, Genji’s Dragonblade not only forces enemy ultimates (making them defenseless in a future Graviton Surge) but has the potential to wipe teams without any defensive ultimates that are caught in a Graviton Surge. Finally, a liberal use of projected barriers means Genji can secure more eliminations and builds Dragonblade much faster than simply relying on poke damage. Bragas Calvin Klein Baratas Other solid options for the diver role are Reaper and Winston. It is easy to see how a well-implemented Ham and Cheese can lead to an unstoppable snowballing effect.

McDonald Mosey

tumblr_nm3nzfmoxa1qd4q8ao1_500The McDonald Mosey is a tactic in Overwatch. Two OPERATORS are required: one playing McCree, and one playing Lucio. Calvin Klein Underwear Baratos A relatively simple antic, its level of effectiveness is as high as its level of hilarity. McCree’s ultimate ability, Dead-Eye, allows McCree to line up several instant-kill shots on enemies within his line of sight. However, this comes at the cost of announcing your attack to the entire server, as well as McCree’s movement speed becoming slower than a snail in molasses. In addition, the attack can be blocked by Reinhardt’s shield, and McCree can still be easily killed. Enter Lucio. Lucio’s passive speed boost ability, along with his modifier ability, Amp it Up, allows McCree to activate his Dead-Eye and mosey up to fleeing enemies, catching them in ridiculous angles that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos McCree can even power walk around Reinhardt’s shield catching everyone behind it off-guard with a faceful of lead.


steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_162379072_previewThe Reserve Shooter (Imperialish: Shoot-Banger) is a weapon for the Soldier and the Pyro in Team Fortress 2. At the cost of a smaller clip size, the weapon deals mini-crit (135%) damage to enemies in the air. Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer Barata Shoot-banging refers to the tactic of equipping the weapon on the Pyro, bouncing the enemy up in the air with the compression blast, and immediately shooting them for massive damage. Calvin Klein Mujer Ropa Interior Done correctly, a shoot-bang can easily result in over 100 points of damage in less than a second, and is nearly unavoidable. The origin of the term “shoot-bang” is unknown.

Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear

tumblr_msnwalCbPt1svu8h1o2_400The Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear (sometimes just shortened to Metal Gear in-game) is an upgraded killstreak available in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher Slip Calvin Klein Baratos The Metal Gear consists of an XS-1 Goliath killstreak with the underbarrel rocket launcher and shoulder-mounted homing rocket modules installed. Acheter Yeezy Boost 350 Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein Baratos Though this raises the cost of the killstreak considerably, it is also what makes the fully-equipped armoured suit the ultimate weapon to surpass Metal Gear. Adidas Ultra Boost France Calvin Klein Underwear Mujer Though killstreaks of the same cost such as the Paladin can offer fairly consistent results, with the right OPERATOR the Metal Gear can lock down entire areas, overwhelm a defensive position, and generally wreak havoc across the battlefield. Yeezy Boost 350 Femme Pas Cher Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein An additional module can be installed, either the Exo Ping or the Exo Trophy system, though Imperial researchers have concluded that their effectiveness versus their cost increase is insufficient.

Tertiary Duty

tertiaryTertiary duty is a responsibility (or lack thereof) assigned to a particularly troublesome soldier. Often, a team member that is performing extremely poorly will be given a tertiary duty that is nigh-impossible to muck up (though this is no guarantee). Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos An example of a tertiary duty in Team Fortress 2 would be to stand next to an Engineer’s sentry nest as a Pyro and hold down the fire button while spinning in circles; an extremely rudimentary tactic that is semi-effective at warding off spies from a particular area. The origin of the term is Nuclear Dawn. Of the three types of resources in Nuclear Dawn, tertiary resources are the most plentiful and quick to cap, but also provide the most measly of resource points to the team. An Imperial who is on tertiary duty has the responsibility of scouring the map looking for these small points and capturing all of them for the Empire, as their impact is only noticeable if all tertiary points are controlled at the same time. Calvin Klein Bañadores Hombre This objective is more difficult than it seems. Tertiary points are often in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere and on opposite sides of the map, so a large amount of running is involved. Bragas Calvin Klein Baratas In addition, actually holding these points is even more difficult as one may be capturing a tertiary point when a Jabroni decides to casually stroll onto a tertiary on the other side of the map and begins to capture it. Furthermore, there often exists a final tertiary immediately next to the Führerbunker of both teams. Capturing this ‘Führerteriary’ is the final objective of the Imperial on tertiary duty, and is the most difficult of all tertiary points to capture, let alone actually hold for a significant amount of time. Tertiary duty is often assigned to an Imperial when they are not performing their best in combat and are unable to OPERATE successfully.

Night Vision FPS Booster

mods_tnm-01Night Vision FPS Booster is a reference to an Imperial tactic in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The game’s multiplayer aspect was designed to run at a consistent 60 fps even during hectic gunfights, and while it did accomplish that on more powerful computers, most machines at the time had trouble running the game smoothly on even the lowest settings. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Madrid Furthermore, the console versions of the game had some chugging issues as well. Comprar Bikini Calvin Klein Every soldier in the game came equipped with a set of night-vision goggles that were usable even in multiplayer. While these goggles were next to useless (like they were in Counter-Strike 1.6) in the actual game, activating them had the unintended side-effect of simplifying the lighting on the map, raising FPS and making the game’s framerate more consistent. Because of this, the night-vision goggles became known as the “Night Vision FPS Boosters” or “FPS Booster Goggles” among OPERATORS. Hilariously, wearing the goggles had the unfortunate side-effect of turning the OPERATOR into a vampire, unable to venture out into sunlight lest he be completely blinded and killed.

Nazi Super-Science

ultramet1Nazi Super-Science is an Imperialish term that refers to both a devastatingly strong technological lead on the opposition, and also outlandish and futuristic weaponry. The antic originates from popular culture portrayals of German technological efficiency during World War II, where they often deploy robots and Tesla-esque weaponry to fight the Allied forces. Calvin Klein Underwear Baratos This exaggerated aspect of Nazi technology is, however, founded on reality. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Mujer Barata The Germans were able to go from a crippled, defeated nation to a military powerhouse in just over a decade, and broke many scientific boundaries and made many breakthroughs in the world of military technology, chief among them being their famed aeronautics records. Near the end of the war, a losing Germany greenlighted a number of projects for the purpose of creating a scientific crutch and reverse the tides of war. These projects were called the ‘wunderwaffe’ (English: Wonder weapon) projects. Though ‘Nazi Super-Science’ is a commonly used expression within the Empire, it sees frequent use in Imperial games of Civilization as a term to describe either a massive scientific output or the act of attaining such a high degree of science. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata Nazi Super-Science plays a key role in the plot of Nazi Zombies. The term ‘Nazi Super-Science’ refers only to the scientific attainment of such weapons, buildings and projects, and also to the futuristic ‘steampunk’ results of such endeavours.

Kidnap That Man

ka402_04Kidnap that man!” (alternatively “Snatch that man!“) is an Imperialish phrase used by OPERATORS to refer to the act of executing a command grab in fighting games, specifically those used by grappler characters. Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer The phrase is often truncated to “kidnapped” or “snatched” for efficient communication. Calzoncillos Boxer Calvin Klein The origin of the phrase is Kanji Tatsumi’s many command grabs in Persona 4 Arena, all of which involve Kanji grabbing and throwing around the opponent with ease.


QuadBikeRenderThe Goodmobile (sometimes spelled GUTMOBILE, or referred to as “The Black Beauty” in Imperialish) is an Imperialish term that refers to the ground vehicle of choice among Good Company OPERATORS. Adidas Ultra Boost Soldes Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet Due to the lack of consistency in available technology across the many theaters of war engaged in by Good Company OPERATORS, the identity of the Goodmobile varies constantly. Adidas Yeezy Boost Pas Cher Boxer Calvin Klein Mujer Perhaps the best example of the Goodmobile is the Quad Bike featured in Bad Company 2, which is considered to be the first vehicle to be referred to as the Goodmobile by every Good Company OPERATOR.

Firing Squad

firingsquadThe Firing Squad is an Imperial military tactic commonly employed by the OPERATORS of Good Company. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos The tactic involves OPERATORS focusing the fire of several high-powered, slow-firing weapons, originally M1 Garands, on a small number of targets, usually one or two, simultaneously. Calvin Klein Bañadores The result is a massive spike of damage directed to a very specific area, often resulting in complete obliteration of the target in question. Calvin Klein Boxer Hombre The tactic is extremely effective even with the minimum of two OPERATORS involved, and can lead to disproportionately large damage outputs in a very short period of time.