Tertiary Duty

tertiaryTertiary duty is a responsibility (or lack thereof) assigned to a particularly troublesome soldier. Often, a team member that is performing extremely poorly will be given a tertiary duty that is nigh-impossible to muck up (though this is no guarantee). An example of a tertiary duty in Team Fortress 2 would be to stand next to an Engineer’s sentry nest as a Pyro and hold down the fire button while spinning in circles; an extremely rudimentary tactic that is semi-effective at warding off spies from a particular area.

The origin of the term is Nuclear Dawn. Of the three types of resources in Nuclear Dawn, tertiary resources are the most plentiful and quick to cap, but also provide the most measly of resource points to the team. An Imperial who is on tertiary duty has the responsibility of scouring the map looking for these small points and capturing all of them for the Empire, as their impact is only noticeable if all tertiary points are controlled at the same time.

This objective is more difficult than it seems. Tertiary points are often in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere and on opposite sides of the map, so a large amount of running is involved. In addition, actually holding these points is even more difficult as one may be capturing a tertiary point when a Jabroni decides to casually stroll onto a tertiary on the other side of the map and begins to capture it. Furthermore, there often exists a final tertiary immediately next to the Führerbunker of both teams. Capturing this ‘Führerteriary’ is the final objective of the Imperial on tertiary duty, and is the most difficult of all tertiary points to capture, let alone actually hold for a significant amount of time.

Tertiary duty is often assigned to an Imperial when they are not performing their best in combat and are unable to OPERATE successfully. It is also sometimes given as a demotion to the Imperial who has displayed incompetence in completing other objectives presented to them by the Imperial commander.

Steiner Scenario

ganz-hitler_528_posterA Steiner scenario refers to a situation where a large majority of the Imperial commander’s units fail to follow the explicit orders of the commander, either through ignorance or even insubordination. The Steiner scenario usually occurs in the public servers of games where the commander has no direct control over his subordinates, such as Nuclear Dawn. The scenario has been studied by Imperial scientists, historians and military strategists for years, and every single simulation of a Steiner scenario has led to total failure of the affected team. Insubordination is strictly prohibited within the Empire, and willfully ignoring orders is an act of heresy against the Emperator.


South Korean Army K-9 155mm self-propellHowitzer is an Imperialish military term for a large artillery unit. The name stems from the popular Howitzer brand used in the United States Armed Forces to refer to a wide variety of different artillery units from all eras, all of which are of significant OPERATOR status. Howitzers are often used by Imperial Commanders in Nuclear Dawn, Battlefield 2, Civilization, and other strategy-infused games. Howitzers are normally built in groups of three or more which all fire simultaneously. These Howitzer groups are referred to as a ‘Howitzer battery’ in Imperialish.

It should be noted that Howitzers do not normally suffer from North Korean Mortar Team syndrome, as they are a separate entity altogether. In addition, despite ‘Howitzer’ being a German name, the word does not specifically refer to German-engineered artillery, and is instead used as a generic term for artillery.

A different kind of Howitzer is seen in Team Fortress 2, referring to a Level 3 Sentry Gun under the effects of the Wrangler. With this combination, the Engineer can rain chaos nearly anywhere in the battlefield from a usually elevated position.


No_Fighting_in_the_War_RoomThe Command Post (Imperialish: Führerbunker) is a term that refers to any building that the active Imperial commander currently physically resides in and uses to issue orders and command the Empire in a military conflict. The location is often heavily-barricaded and isolated from the frontline, though in a worst-case scenario such as a Steiner scenario, the Führerbunker could become directly involved in the frontline. In almost every situation, destruction of the Führerbunker directly leads to a loss (see Civilization and Nuclear Dawn).

The term Führerbunker originates from the name for Hitler’s heavily-barricaded command post in Berlin, which served as his place of command and residence in the final days of World War II. Within this bunker, many German officers such as Fegelein, Günsche and Goofdorf performed hilarious antics on each other, the prime target often being Hitler.


F2000_MW2The FN F2000 (Imperialish: F2K, also commonly referred to as just F2000) is a Belgian assault rifle regarded by OPERATORS as being one of the most useless pieces of shit ever created, much like other FN weaponry. Deemed by many Imperials to be Full Retard, the F2000 combines horrible accuracy and pitiful damage with an unusually high rate of fire. The F2000 is often associated with cries of dismay whenever it is acquired in Modern Warfare 2, Modern Doomfare 2, and Bad Company 2, and is often dropped immediately upon being picked up by OPERATORS, usually with the declaration that they will have “none of that.”

A futuristic weapon of this monstrosity is used by the Jabroni faction in Nuclear Dawn.