Final Form

fullyloadedThe final form (sometimes called fully loaded) is an Imperialish term used in Counter-Strike to refer to an OPERATOR that is fully loaded with their best weapons in every slot. Normally, this includes an OPERATOR‘s best primary weapon, favourite sidearm, a full stack of grenades, full armour, a defuse kit (if available), and sometimes a Zeus x27 for good measure. Predictably, the bill for this loadout tends to run very high; as such, it takes several round wins in a row in order for an OPERATOR to achieve their final form.

An OPERATOR that has achieved their final form is one of the scariest opponents anyone can face. At this point, even flanking the OPERATOR isn’t a reliable option anymore, as they have access to a powerful sidearm. Fully loaded OPERATORS can clear bomb sites effortlessly with pop flashbangs, HE grenades, firebombs, and can deny areas with smoke coverage and powerful rifles. Indeed, there is no better soldier to have handy in a high-pressure clutch situation than a final form OPERATOR.

Though originally a Counter-Strike-exclusive antic, the final form also makes an appearance in several other titles, such as Modern Doomfare 2 and Killing Floor. Its usage in these titles is nearly identical to its usage in Counter-Strike.


Aa12_6The AA-12 (an acronym for RAPE MACHINE-12) is a handheld emergency targeted nuclear device. Originally developed in secret by Imperial researchers as an attempt to create the ultimate reversal tool, the AA-12 was the result of decades of prototyping and iteration. The result is one of the most powerful and dangerous tools of destruction ever created.

Lauded by Imperial scientists as “a brutally effective dispenser of pure hate and death,” the weapon came to prominence after being featured in Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer mode as an overpowered secondary weapon, but its significance was truly solidified after a real-life video of the AA-12 was discovered by the Empire that demonstrated that the AA-12 was even more overpowered in real life. Usage of the AA-12 in Modern Doomfare 2 and Killing Floor 2 is reserved for only the most dire situations.