Nazi Super-Science

ultramet1Nazi Super-Science is an Imperialish term that refers to both a devastatingly strong technological lead on the opposition, and also outlandish and futuristic weaponry. The antic originates from popular culture portrayals of German technological efficiency during World War II, where they often deploy robots and Tesla-esque weaponry to fight the Allied forces. Calvin Klein Underwear Baratos This exaggerated aspect of Nazi technology is, however, founded on reality. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Mujer Barata The Germans were able to go from a crippled, defeated nation to a military powerhouse in just over a decade, and broke many scientific boundaries and made many breakthroughs in the world of military technology, chief among them being their famed aeronautics records. Near the end of the war, a losing Germany greenlighted a number of projects for the purpose of creating a scientific crutch and reverse the tides of war. These projects were called the ‘wunderwaffe’ (English: Wonder weapon) projects. Though ‘Nazi Super-Science’ is a commonly used expression within the Empire, it sees frequent use in Imperial games of Civilization as a term to describe either a massive scientific output or the act of attaining such a high degree of science. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata Nazi Super-Science plays a key role in the plot of Nazi Zombies. The term ‘Nazi Super-Science’ refers only to the scientific attainment of such weapons, buildings and projects, and also to the futuristic ‘steampunk’ results of such endeavours.

Kidnap That Man

ka402_04Kidnap that man!” (alternatively “Snatch that man!“) is an Imperialish phrase used by OPERATORS to refer to the act of executing a command grab in fighting games, specifically those used by grappler characters. Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer The phrase is often truncated to “kidnapped” or “snatched” for efficient communication. Calzoncillos Boxer Calvin Klein The origin of the phrase is Kanji Tatsumi’s many command grabs in Persona 4 Arena, all of which involve Kanji grabbing and throwing around the opponent with ease.


Boss_of_this_body_washA Jabroni is an Imperialish word common among Imperials. Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Pas Cher Slip Calvin Klein In essence, Jabroni has no standard definition, and its meaning is instead heavily reliant on the context at which it’s used. Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher Calvin Klein Boxer Jabroni is a common military term employed by Good Company OPERATORS to refer to any hostile threat, much like “tango” in United States military jargon. Adidas Yeezy Boost 550 Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Hombre The term originates from a hilarious homoerotic wrestling video that found popularity among Japanese video editors, whom often edited the video into humorous stories and dance numbers.

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

MV5BMTAyMDUxNjg1MjNeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDY3Njc2NTg@._V1_SX640_SY720_I Shouldn’t Be Alive” is a popular Imperialish idiom pertaining to situations where the Imperial or OPERATOR involved in a dire tactical situation survives against all odds and is able to make it back to safety. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Pas Cher Adidas Yeezy 350 Femme Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre It should be noted that the criteria for the expression does not necessarily require the OPERATOR to win such an engagement, only to survive in a situation where the odds were clearly stacked against them. Yeezy Boost 350 Femme Pas Cher Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein The phrase is applicable to many genres, from fighting games, to shooters, to strategy games. Chaussures Adidas Yeezy 550 Boost Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Outlet The phrase originates from a documentary television series by the same name that airs mainly on the Discovery Channel. Chaussures Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Tangas Calvin Klein Para Mujer The show revolves around extraordinary stories of real people who have survived cataclysmic events from sheer luck.


QuadBikeRenderThe Goodmobile (sometimes spelled GUTMOBILE, or referred to as “The Black Beauty” in Imperialish) is an Imperialish term that refers to the ground vehicle of choice among Good Company OPERATORS. Adidas Ultra Boost Soldes Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet Due to the lack of consistency in available technology across the many theaters of war engaged in by Good Company OPERATORS, the identity of the Goodmobile varies constantly. Adidas Yeezy Boost Pas Cher Boxer Calvin Klein Mujer Perhaps the best example of the Goodmobile is the Quad Bike featured in Bad Company 2, which is considered to be the first vehicle to be referred to as the Goodmobile by every Good Company OPERATOR.

get good

doc_crocs_laughingGet Good (Imperialish: get good, the phrase is never capitalized in this language) is a very popular Imperial idiom. Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher The phrase is used by OPERATORS to taunt enemy combatants, urging them to further hone their skills in order to have even a small chance at defeating the OPERATOR in question. Adidas Yeezy 750 Homme The phrase was first popularized in the Empire by its constant usage by the Good Company, and is the go-to canned phrase to respond to any accusations to the legitimacy of an OPERATOR’s skill. Adidas Ultra Boost Soldes Such a challenge to an Imperial is considered textbook heresy by the Empire, punishable by Exterminatus. Adidas Ultra Boost France Some time in 2013, a similar term, “git gud” emerged in popular internet culture.

German Engineering

10.GermanGerman Engineering” is an Imperialish noun-phrase that describes the nearly unparalleled level of quality present in German technology. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 France The phrase can refer to both actual products of Germany or to any items of exceptional quality or design. Chaussures Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein German Engineering is held in high regard within the Empire, unlike the products of Germany’s neighbours, Belgium and France. Yeezy Boost 750 France Moda de otoño Tanga Calvin Klein Mujer German-engineered items are among the most OPERATOR weaponry and vehicle technology available. Chaussures Adidas Yeezy 550 Boost Adidas Yeezy Boost France The most notable example of a German-engineered product in the Empire is arguably the Kar98k. Adidas Ultra Boost France Moda Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher Calvin Klein Bragas The term ‘German Engineering’ is normally limited to only physical objects and products within Imperialish.

French Piece of Shit

585px-FAMAS_MW2The FAMAS (Imperialish: FRENCH PIECE OF SHIT) is a French bullpup assault rifle, and is regarded by OPERATORS as one of the most disgusting pieces of trash ever created. Yeezy Boost 350 Vente This monstrosity is featured in Modern Warfare 2, where it was first determined by OPERATORS to be garbage. The FELIN variant of the FRENCH PIECE OF SHIT, developed in the 2000’s, is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is set in the 60s. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 As of 2011, the French Army has realized that OPERATORS know what’s up and that their standard issue service rifle is indeed a piece of shit. Adidas Yeezy 350 Pas Cher The FRENCH PIECE OF SHIT also makes an appearance in Bad Company 2. Adidas Ultra Boost Soldes A less shit version appears in Counter-Strike, where it is a good economy weapon for the CT team.

EZ Modo

EasyModoRollEnEasy Mode (Imperialish: EZ Modo) is a phrase primarily used as a taunt by Imperials to describe an experience where a particularly difficult obstacle is overcome through clutch execution and/or natural talent. Calvin Klein Boxer Baratos Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre The potency of this indirect insult is especially prevalent from the perspective of a scrub who is unable to accomplish such a goal and hears another regard the effort as easy. Bikinis Calvin Klein Baratos Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer Not always does EZ Modo serve to apply subtle psychological damage; in some instances the phase may simply be used as an adjective to describe an effortless activity, Calvin Klein Bañadores Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos usually combined with the common OPERATOR taunts,


Darius_the_Great_Bistun01_smallThe Emperator is a position held by the leader of the Empire. Since the inception of the Empire, the position of the Emperator has customarily been held by an OPERATOR, although no explicit laws exist that would deny the throne of the Emperator to anyone not of the OPERATOR dynasty. Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher The Emperator is purely a symbolic position, and the Emperator has no tangible rule of law over the Imperials. Despite this, many Imperials and OPERATORS choose to follow through with the wishes of the Emperator through their own will. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Acheter The identity of the first Emperator of the Empire is unknown. Acheter Adidas Ultra Boost Many Imperial scholars have speculated that during the infancy of the Empire, a council of OPERATORS from the original Good Company held the position of Emperator collectively.