Toy Story Spider

tumblr_l2ql5nLgeu1qakvjqo1_400The Spider-Cyberdemon (Imperialish: Toy Story Spider) is an enemy featured in Modern Doomfare 2. The monstrosity has been officially labeled as the “Spider-Cyberdemon” by Imperial scientists as its actual name is not known as of yet. OPERATORS have taken to calling it the “Toy Story Spider” due to its uncanny resemblance to a character in the original Toy Story, which was a toy with the body of a spider attached to the head of a Babby. Similarly, the Spider-Cyberdemon possesses the lower body of the Spider Mastermind from Doom mixed with the upper body of the Cyberdemon, also from Doom. The Spider-Cyberdemon poses a great threat to OPERATORS, and is one of the most formidable enemies in the game.

The Spider-Cyberdemon is only one of several spider-demon monstrosities that exist in Modern Doomfare 2, as there exist other such terrors such as the Spider-Baron of Hell.



revenantci6The Revenant (commonly referred to as the Agitating Skeleton) is an enemy in Doom and Modern Doomfare 2. It is a particularly large reanimated human skeleton with body armor and rocket launcher attachments infused to its body. Despite its rather flimsy appearance, and admittedly awkward and humorous movement animations, the Revenant is one of the more challenging enemies in Doom due to its homing rockets, and one of the absolute toughest in Modern Doomfare 2, due to the fact that killing the Revenant only causes it to revive itself in a more powerful form several times. The Revenant is a classic case of not judging book by its cover, as many OPERATORS have met their demise at the hands of one of these fearsome creatures.

Modern Doomfare 2

RIP_OF_TEARModern Doomfare 2 (Actual name: Real Guns Hardcore) is a modification for Doom that is regarded by every OPERATOR as literally the best thing ever created. The mod itself incorporates almost every Modern Warfare 2 weapon and perk into Doom and eliminates every single bad thing about Modern Warfare 2 in the process. The amount of joy that comes from playing Modern Doomfare 2 is unmatched in the Empire, and has become a staple sport among the Imperials, who often run through Doom WADs on co-op.


doomsweat_OPDoomguy (occasionally spelled Doomgui in Imperialish) is the OPERATOR protagonist in the Doom series of first-person shooters and the most common deity worshiped in the Empire. He is often portrayed in situations of overwhelming badassery, and has earned the distinction of being the object of a massive theistic following (see: The Church of Doomguy). Doomguy’s many accomplishments have been chronicled by Imperial researchers and historians and are available for the public to see.

Doomguy is the most powerful mortal entity in the universe. After exterminating the invading daemons aboard the Phobos research facility, Doomguy is killed. He appears in Hell (actually Deimos, which has become one with Hell) and proceeds to kill a majority of the daemons there and escape, thwarting Satan’s invasion. In Doom II: Hell on Earth, Doomguy single-handedly eradicates Earth of all daemons and saves humanity by launching a makeshift ‘ark’ into space. Following this, Doomguy decides to enter Hell again by choice in order to kill daemons for sport. He eventually defeats the Icon of Sin, an embodiment of Satan, which prompts Lucifer himself to beg Doomguy to leave Hell because he is essentially unstoppable. In later adventures, Doomguy goes on to defeat Nazis, Duke Nukem, Space Pirates and others, and pays several more visits to Hell with the intent of annihilating daemon jabronis.

Some of the weapons in Doomguy’s arsenal include his two shotguns, pistol, rocket launcher, chaingun, plasma rifle and the BFG9000. Doomguy is able to carry all of these weapons, with full ammo (he can double this maximum by picking up a ‘backpack’ powerup) in heavy-duty space armour and still run several times faster than the fastest recorded human being. In fact, Doomguy is so fast that his speed rivals that of a cheetah more closely than a human being. Doomguy’s legs are in such outstanding fitness that he is able to absorb any and all shock sustained from fall damage, making him impervious to heights. He is able to maintain steady aim while moving at ludicrous speeds and only experiences light recoil on the chaingun out of all of his weapons. Doomguy is so fast that he has the ability to outrun his own rockets, which opens up the possibility of committing suicide by running into your own projectile.

Despite having access to such extravagant weaponry, Doomguy’s signature weapon is his fist. He is able to accomplish more with his hands than with any benefits these artifacts may grant him. One of Doomguy’s most well-known sayings is “Rip n’ tear!”, originating from the original Doom comic. While under the effects of a berserker pack, Doomguy is able to dish out outlandish levels of damage that surpass those of even Kenshiro. Doomguy’s strength under a berserker pack is comparable to that of the Hulk, a character which has the potential for obtaining an infinite amount of strength.

Having taken all of the above into account, Doomguy is not without weakness. His Achilles’ heel is his canonically well-known lack of a self-prompted jumping ability. There are several ways around this limitation in the games themselves, and many argue that such a limitation does not seem to hamper Doomguy significantly and is therefore irrelevant, but it is nevertheless a weakness.