We Fucked Up Everything

go_backGo back, we fucked up everything,” is a popular Imperialish expression. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Madrid The idiom is often spoken as a faux-warning to other Imperials regarding a subject they may not be familiar with. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 France The phrase is common in situations where time-travel is involved, where a time-traveler usually returns to the past to warn those who are not enlightened that, in the future, they “…have fucked up everything.” The phrase stems from an edited version of the March of Progress, with the last stage being flipped to face the others, uttering the infamous phrase. Yeezy Boost 350 Vente Slip Calvin Klein Baratos It is important to note that the phrase, when spoken, puts heavy emphasis on the final word. Adidas Ultra Boost France This is to imply that, in the future, not only are things in a state of despair, but they have indeed fucking up everything that there was to fuck up. The phrase sees frequent usage in Team Fortress 2 and Civilization. Adidas Ultra Boost Homme Pas Cher In Team Fortress 2, the phrase is usually uttered as a warning to other players of an incoming threat or a dangerous area.

Nazi Super-Science

ultramet1Nazi Super-Science is an Imperialish term that refers to both a devastatingly strong technological lead on the opposition, and also outlandish and futuristic weaponry. The antic originates from popular culture portrayals of German technological efficiency during World War II, where they often deploy robots and Tesla-esque weaponry to fight the Allied forces. Calvin Klein Underwear Baratos This exaggerated aspect of Nazi technology is, however, founded on reality. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Mujer Barata The Germans were able to go from a crippled, defeated nation to a military powerhouse in just over a decade, and broke many scientific boundaries and made many breakthroughs in the world of military technology, chief among them being their famed aeronautics records. Near the end of the war, a losing Germany greenlighted a number of projects for the purpose of creating a scientific crutch and reverse the tides of war. These projects were called the ‘wunderwaffe’ (English: Wonder weapon) projects. Though ‘Nazi Super-Science’ is a commonly used expression within the Empire, it sees frequent use in Imperial games of Civilization as a term to describe either a massive scientific output or the act of attaining such a high degree of science. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata Nazi Super-Science plays a key role in the plot of Nazi Zombies. The term ‘Nazi Super-Science’ refers only to the scientific attainment of such weapons, buildings and projects, and also to the futuristic ‘steampunk’ results of such endeavours.

French Piece of Shit

585px-FAMAS_MW2The FAMAS (Imperialish: FRENCH PIECE OF SHIT) is a French bullpup assault rifle, and is regarded by OPERATORS as one of the most disgusting pieces of trash ever created. Yeezy Boost 350 Vente This monstrosity is featured in Modern Warfare 2, where it was first determined by OPERATORS to be garbage. The FELIN variant of the FRENCH PIECE OF SHIT, developed in the 2000’s, is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is set in the 60s. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 As of 2011, the French Army has realized that OPERATORS know what’s up and that their standard issue service rifle is indeed a piece of shit. Adidas Yeezy 350 Pas Cher The FRENCH PIECE OF SHIT also makes an appearance in Bad Company 2. Adidas Ultra Boost Soldes A less shit version appears in Counter-Strike, where it is a good economy weapon for the CT team.

Burning Circus

315726_origThe Burning Circus (sometimes called the Circus of Doom in Imperialish) is a common Imperial antic in Civilization. In the games, once a city is captured by opposing forces, the conquering commander has the option of either keeping the city or burning the motherfucker down, among other choices. Should a city be chosen to be disintegrated by Imperial forces, the city still retains the option of producing a unit or building. However, this is a useless feature, as not only will the city will be burnt to a crisp before it can generate the object in question, but it is often in a state of revolt when captured, which means that nothing gets produced regardless. Guía de compras Furthermore, a player cannot end his turn without choosing a production project for every city. Due to this useless necessity, Imperial commanders always choose to construct a circus in the burning city whenever available. The term ‘burning circus’ provides a very graphic and comedic mental image that causes much joy within Imperials. Should the circus be unavailable to construct, the Imperial may also build other impractical projects, such as a library, in the burning city.


South Korean Army K-9 155mm self-propellHowitzer is an Imperialish military term for a large artillery unit. The name stems from the popular Howitzer brand used in the United States Armed Forces to refer to a wide variety of different artillery units from all eras, all of which are of significant OPERATOR status. Howitzers are often used by Imperial Commanders in Nuclear Dawn, Battlefield 2, Civilization, and other strategy-infused games. Howitzers are normally built in groups of three or more which all fire simultaneously. These Howitzer groups are referred to as a ‘Howitzer battery’ in Imperialish.

It should be noted that Howitzers do not normally suffer from North Korean Mortar Team syndrome, as they are a separate entity altogether. In addition, despite ‘Howitzer’ being a German name, the word does not specifically refer to German-engineered artillery, and is instead used as a generic term for artillery.

A different kind of Howitzer is seen in Team Fortress 2, referring to a Level 3 Sentry Gun under the effects of the Wrangler. With this combination, the Engineer can rain chaos nearly anywhere in the battlefield from a usually elevated position.


No_Fighting_in_the_War_RoomThe Command Post (Imperialish: Führerbunker) is a term that refers to any building that the active Imperial commander currently physically resides in and uses to issue orders and command the Empire in a military conflict. The location is often heavily-barricaded and isolated from the frontline, though in a worst-case scenario such as a Steiner scenario, the Führerbunker could become directly involved in the frontline. In almost every situation, destruction of the Führerbunker directly leads to a loss (see Civilization and Nuclear Dawn).

The term Führerbunker originates from the name for Hitler’s heavily-barricaded command post in Berlin, which served as his place of command and residence in the final days of World War II. Within this bunker, many German officers such as Fegelein, Günsche and Goofdorf performed hilarious antics on each other, the prime target often being Hitler.