South Korean Army K-9 155mm self-propellHowitzer is an Imperialish military term for a large artillery unit. The name stems from the popular Howitzer brand used in the United States Armed Forces to refer to a wide variety of different artillery units from all eras, all of which are of significant OPERATOR status. Howitzers are often used by Imperial Commanders in Nuclear Dawn, Battlefield 2, Civilization, and other strategy-infused games. Howitzers are normally built in groups of three or more which all fire simultaneously. These Howitzer groups are referred to as a ‘Howitzer battery’ in Imperialish.

It should be noted that Howitzers do not normally suffer from North Korean Mortar Team syndrome, as they are a separate entity altogether. In addition, despite ‘Howitzer’ being a German name, the word does not specifically refer to German-engineered artillery, and is instead used as a generic term for artillery.

A different kind of Howitzer is seen in Team Fortress 2, referring to a Level 3 Sentry Gun under the effects of the Wrangler. With this combination, the Engineer can rain chaos nearly anywhere in the battlefield from a usually elevated position.


QuadBikeRenderThe Goodmobile (sometimes spelled GUTMOBILE, or referred to as “The Black Beauty” in Imperialish) is an Imperialish term that refers to the ground vehicle of choice among Good Company OPERATORS. Due to the lack of consistency in available technology across the many theaters of war engaged in by Good Company OPERATORS, the identity of the Goodmobile varies constantly.

Perhaps the best example of the Goodmobile is the Quad Bike featured in Bad Company 2, which is considered to be the first vehicle to be referred to as the Goodmobile by every Good Company OPERATOR. The Quad Bike set the schema for the many Goodmobile that would follow: a small, fast and versatile ground vehicle that is designed to carry up to two OPERATORS.

Firing Squad

firingsquadThe Firing Squad is an Imperial military tactic commonly employed by the OPERATORS of Good Company. The tactic involves OPERATORS focusing the fire of several high-powered, slow-firing weapons, originally M1 Garands, on a small number of targets, usually one or two, simultaneously. The result is a massive spike of damage directed to a very specific area, often resulting in complete obliteration of the target in question. The tactic is extremely effective even with the minimum of two OPERATORS involved, and can lead to disproportionately large damage outputs in a very short period of time. It is customary among members of Good Company to declare the tactic through shouting either, “Light ’em up!” or simply “Firing squad!” The phrase originates from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but is applicable to a variety of games.


F2000_MW2The FN F2000 (Imperialish: F2K, also commonly referred to as just F2000) is a Belgian assault rifle regarded by OPERATORS as being one of the most useless pieces of shit ever created, much like other FN weaponry. Deemed by many Imperials to be Full Retard, the F2000 combines horrible accuracy and pitiful damage with an unusually high rate of fire. The F2000 is often associated with cries of dismay whenever it is acquired in Modern Warfare 2, Modern Doomfare 2, and Bad Company 2, and is often dropped immediately upon being picked up by OPERATORS, usually with the declaration that they will have “none of that.”

A futuristic weapon of this monstrosity is used by the Jabroni faction in Nuclear Dawn.

Deployan See-Foah

P_C4_CoD4C4 (Imperialish: SEE-FOAH) is a plastic explosive commonly carried by OPERATORS. “Deployan See-Foah” is a common Imperialish phrase that roughly transliterates to “Deploying C4” in English. The phrase is uttered by OPERATORS upon the placement of the C4 plastic explosives in every game, but most frequently in Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. The phrase originates from Call of Duty 4, where SAS soldiers would often shout “Deployan See-Foah” upon throwing a satchel of C4 explosives. The purpose of the phrase is to warn other OPERATORS of the engagement of explosive forces and to minimize friendly fire incidents.

The term “C4” is also used by Good Company OPERATORS to refer to any and all plastic explosives. Often times, a game or movie universe’s lore will have its own name or version of a plastic explosive. Despite this, OPERATORS always refer to these objects as “C4”.


RussianMedicPKM“Чёрт!” (Imperialish: “Chyort!”) is a common interjection used in Imperialish, literally meaning “Damn!” in Russian. The spread of the interjection through the Empire can be linked directly toModern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2, where the interjection was common among OPERATORS in the Spetsnaz and Russian Ground Forces receptively. The players in the games would often shout “Chyort!” followed by “Grenata!” after spotting a hostile live grenade in the vicinity; however, usage of the popular interjection is not limited to this scenario.