Dark Forces

Dark_Forces_coverDark Forces is a label given to a number of hypothetical omniscient forces that act against the Empire. Though the existence of the Dark Forces have never been empirically proven, their effects on Imperials has been measured and documented. Researchers have even gone as far as calling the Dark Forces “the ultimate, undying and intangible enemy of the Empire that threatens to tear the Imperials apart from inside.”

The Dark Forces are assumed to be responsible for a countless number of atrocities and tragedies. Some of these include:

  • assuring you are paired with incompetent dimwits while your enemies are comprised entirely of seasoned veterans
  • rigging psudeo-random mechanics such that a Soldier with 0.2 hours played and 0 points on the verge of death fires seven critical rockets in a row
  • orchestrating events that lead to severe lag spikes in crucial clutch situations

As the Dark Forces themselves are intangible, efforts by the Empire to quell or somehow lessen their effects have been unsuccessful. Several campaigns to end the terror of the Dark Forces have ended in complete disaster and massive loss of lives. Many feel that, as long as the Empire prospers, the Dark Forces will continue to cause terror and destruction, like a deranged application of Newton’s Third Law.

Final Form

fullyloadedThe final form (sometimes called fully loaded) is an Imperialish term used in Counter-Strike to refer to an OPERATOR that is fully loaded with their best weapons in every slot. Normally, this includes an OPERATOR‘s best primary weapon, favourite sidearm, a full stack of grenades, full armour, a defuse kit (if available), and sometimes a Zeus x27 for good measure. Predictably, the bill for this loadout tends to run very high; as such, it takes several round wins in a row in order for an OPERATOR to achieve their final form.

An OPERATOR that has achieved their final form is one of the scariest opponents anyone can face. At this point, even flanking the OPERATOR isn’t a reliable option anymore, as they have access to a powerful sidearm. Fully loaded OPERATORS can clear bomb sites effortlessly with pop flashbangs, HE grenades, firebombs, and can deny areas with smoke coverage and powerful rifles. Indeed, there is no better soldier to have handy in a high-pressure clutch situation than a final form OPERATOR.

Though originally a Counter-Strike-exclusive antic, the final form also makes an appearance in several other titles, such as Modern Doomfare 2 and Killing Floor. Its usage in these titles is nearly identical to its usage in Counter-Strike.


tf2-gunsSimCity is an Imperialish term to refer to an overly defensive team. A team is said to be ‘playing SimCity’ if they’ve built more than three Level 3 Sentry Guns on the last capture point of a map. Sentry Guns are without a doubt the best defensive tool in the game, and two Sentry Guns covering each other can be difficult to push through. Three Level 3 Sentry Guns with proper crossfire is extremely difficult to destroy, but it can be done consistently. However, four or more Level 3 Sentry Guns with proper placement is absolutely impossible to push through without proper team support (which is almost never available). Thus, a SimCity defense can be considered an unbreakable defense provided you have the co-ordination to build and maintain the nests.

The tactic is named after the popular game series created by the late Maxis Software, in which a mayor must build and govern a city from scratch.

Chinese Assembly Line

n_11shenyangThe Chinese Assembly Line is an Imperial tactic in Team Fortress 2. When employed, the Imperial team can construct a fully upgraded Level 3 Sentry Gun in less than ten seconds, a construction project that would take at least one entire minute to complete.

The tactic involves a minimum of two Engineers. One Engineer builds a Sentry Gun, and the other Engineers whack the building with their wrenches to speed up the construction and upgrade it to its max level while the initial Engineer works on securing other important buildings such as the teleporter and dispenser. When completed, the supporting engineers commit suicide and switch to their respective classes, sometimes taking the Engineer’s teleporter back to the frontlines just before the round starts.

The Chinese Assembly Line allows OPERATORS to create infrastructure very quickly. Many of the advanced Sentry Gun placements used by Imperial Engineers are difficult, if not impossible to complete before the end of the setup phase, let alone being able to build important secondary buildings and completing a teleporter network.

The tactic is named after the work ethic in the People’s Republic of China. When the Chinese government wants a project completed quickly, they quite literally throw human lives at it until it’s completed, a resource which they have absolutely no shortage of.

The Combo

Castle BravoThe Combo is a Good Company tactic in Team Fortress 2. Developed in secret by Imperial scientists, the Combo is a strategy reserved for only the most dire emergencies where victory must be achieved at any cost. As such, it exists as an ‘ace in the hole’ of sorts that does not see widespread use among Good Company.

The Combo consists of a Medic equipped with the Kritzkreig and a Soldier equipped with the Beggar’s Bazooka and the Battalion’s Backup. After the Soldier has done at least 600 damage, the Backup can be deployed to reduce sentry damage and knockback by 50%, reduce damage by 35% from all other damage sources, and negate critical hits entirely for the Soldier and any nearby teammates. On top of that, it boosts the regular max health of the Soldier to 220, and overhealed to 330. The Beggar’s Bazooka can fire up to three rockets in rapid succession, and fires every subsequent rocket slightly faster at the cost of accuracy. The Kritzkreig, of course, guarantees critical hits for 8 seconds after activation at the cost of no defensive bonus.

When these factors are combined and activated simultaneously , the Combo is in full effect. The initial triple-rocket spread can put out 810 damage in less than a second within a splash radius. This means that, if all three rockets strike the center of a group of enemies, 810 damage is the minimum damage the Combo can inflict, and that’s just in the first seconds of being active. Subsequent rockets can clean up any survivors and eradicate the enemy team in a matter of seconds. The traditional weakness of a Kritzkreig combo is that they are susceptible to all incoming damage, especially the Medic; however, with the Battalion’s Backup active, both the Medic and the Soldier (plus nearby teammates) gain considerable damage resistance that nearly guarantees that, at the very least, the initial deadly three-rocket blast will be deployed regardless of how the enemy team reacts. Quite often, the Combo will clear out an entire enemy team in seconds; not many strategies can consistently exterminate a full 12 person team.


However, the Combo is not without weakness. It is really only effective in extreme chokepoints (such as the entirety of Dustbowl, Hoodoo, Gold Rush, and some areas of Badwater), which means its efficacy in more open maps is dubious. Furthermore, the Combo does take quite a while to completely prepare and thus is susceptible to being eliminated before it can be deployed.

The Combo was developed sometime after the July 10, 2013 patch for Team Fortress 2 that significantly rebalanced the game. The Battalion’s Backup was buffed to provide additional sentry protection (+15%), and to build meter from doing damage instead of receiving it. Later, in the December 20, 2013 patch, the Backup gained the +20 max HP buff which enhanced the strategy.


steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_162379072_previewThe Reserve Shooter (Imperialish: Shoot-Banger) is a weapon for the Soldier and the Pyro in Team Fortress 2. At the cost of a smaller clip size, the weapon deals mini-crit (135%) damage to enemies in the air. Shoot-banging refers to the tactic of equipping the weapon on the Pyro, bouncing the enemy up in the air with the compression blast, and immediately shooting them for massive damage. Done correctly, a shoot-bang can easily result in over 100 points of damage in less than a second, and is nearly unavoidable.

The origin of the term “shoot-bang” is unknown. It seems to be a fabrication of entirely Imperial origin that, for some unknown reason, perfectly sums up what the tactic is: shooting the enemy up in the air, and finishing them off with a bang.

Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear

tumblr_msnwalCbPt1svu8h1o2_400The Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear (sometimes just shortened to Metal Gear in-game) is an upgraded killstreak available in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The Metal Gear consists of an XS-1 Goliath killstreak with the underbarrel rocket launcher and shoulder-mounted homing rocket modules installed. Though this raises the cost of the killstreak considerably, it is also what makes the fully-equipped armoured suit the ultimate weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

Though killstreaks of the same cost such as the Paladin can offer fairly consistent results, with the right OPERATOR the Metal Gear can lock down entire areas, overwhelm a defensive position, and generally wreak havoc across the battlefield. An additional module can be installed, either the Exo Ping or the Exo Trophy system, though Imperial researchers have concluded that their effectiveness versus their cost increase is insufficient.


dredd_510X(” (read as Dreddface) is an Imperialish emoticon associated with fictional and non-fictional OPERATORS of extremely righteous or virtuous moral values. The emoticon is often accompanied by short, loaded statements about morality, justice or the nature of mankind. The emoticon originates from the comic book character Judge Dredd, who is always seen donning an iconic red helmet bearing an “X” insignia, and an equally iconic perma-frown. Thus, the face depicted in the emoticon “X(” is a perfect representation of the character and the values for which he stands for.

Some examples of such profound quotes that would often be associated with the Dreddface follow:

  • “It’s all the deep end.” – X(
  • “I am the law.” – X(
  • “Yeah.” – X(
  • “You are already dead.” – X(
  • “Drug bust. Perps were uncooperative.” – X(
  • “Admirable.” – X(
  • “Defense noted.” – X(
  • “This isn’t a negotiation.” – X(

We Fucked Up Everything

go_backGo back, we fucked up everything,” is a popular Imperialish expression. The idiom is often spoken as a faux-warning to other Imperials regarding a subject they may not be familiar with. The phrase is common in situations where time-travel is involved, where a time-traveler usually returns to the past to warn those who are not enlightened that, in the future, they “…have fucked up everything.” The phrase stems from an edited version of the March of Progress, with the last stage being flipped to face the others, uttering the infamous phrase.

It is important to note that the phrase, when spoken, puts heavy emphasis on the final word. This is to imply that, in the future, not only are things in a state of despair, but they have indeed fucking up everything that there was to fuck up.

The phrase sees frequent usage in Team Fortress 2 and Civilization. In Team Fortress 2, the phrase is usually uttered as a warning to other players of an incoming threat or a dangerous area. In Civilization, which deals with a much more grand scale, the phrase is a commonly spoken situation report in times of mayhem within ones empire, especially after (or during) losing a major war.

Toy Story Spider

tumblr_l2ql5nLgeu1qakvjqo1_400The Spider-Cyberdemon (Imperialish: Toy Story Spider) is an enemy featured in Modern Doomfare 2. The monstrosity has been officially labeled as the “Spider-Cyberdemon” by Imperial scientists as its actual name is not known as of yet. OPERATORS have taken to calling it the “Toy Story Spider” due to its uncanny resemblance to a character in the original Toy Story, which was a toy with the body of a spider attached to the head of a Babby. Similarly, the Spider-Cyberdemon possesses the lower body of the Spider Mastermind from Doom mixed with the upper body of the Cyberdemon, also from Doom. The Spider-Cyberdemon poses a great threat to OPERATORS, and is one of the most formidable enemies in the game.

The Spider-Cyberdemon is only one of several spider-demon monstrosities that exist in Modern Doomfare 2, as there exist other such terrors such as the Spider-Baron of Hell.